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Automated Control Solutions

Fully Customized Automation & Instrumentation

Safe Chem utilizes cutting edge technology to provide excellent chemical control and data logging. Our fully customizable systems allow for monthly to hourly chemical supply updates, which can prevent overuse and result in cost reduction.      

Available iPhone/Android Control App.

Entryway Foam Systems
  • Timed controlled

  • Photocell controlled

  • Door switch controlled

  • Up to 12-foot door

CIP Control Systems
  • Caustic makeup

  • Sanitizer injection (flow or time based)       - Automated

  • CIP pump control via VFD

  • Caustic recycling

  • Data Logging of ALL components

  • Temperature control

  • Automatically emailed reports

Flow Based Sanitizer/ Water Treatment Injection
  • Inject sanitizer and/or water treatment chemical in-line based flow

Central Foaming Makeup/ Control Systems
  • Automatically makeup and dispense foaming solution

  • Pressure boosting

  • Options for tracking and data logging

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