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About Safe Chem, Inc.

What we do...
Safe Chem has been serving the food, beverage, and citrus industry since 1987. We offer a variety of services and technical support while providing communication and training in the areas of safety, G.M.P.’s, and sanitation techniques. 
We maintain long-standing partnerships with customers and suppliers in the food, beverage, and citrus industries by focusing on…
o   Cost reduction
o   Profitability
o   Creating common goals
o   Developing measurement techniques
o   Evaluating performance
o   High quality and service standards
Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution…                                                                      
                                   and Safe Chem have been partners since 1994. Bell Chem, headquartered in Longwood, FL, has been manufacturing and distributing chemicals since 1992. They offer specialized botanical and nutritional ingredients, technical grade chemicals, and custom compounds. Bell Chem provides high quality products with a “just in time” approach to give the best customer service in the industry.

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Services we provide...

o   Food Industry Sanitation

o   Cleaning & Sanitizing of Packaging & Processing Equipment

o   Fruit & Vegetable Washing

o   Conveyor & Chain Lubrication (Wet/Dry)

o   Training & Technical Services

o   Chlorine Dioxide Specialists

o   Facility Assessment


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